Monday, June 6, 2011

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Ashley Mackenzie?

At Ashley Mackenzie, we have provided optimal retained search services from our top executive recruiting firm in New York and New Jersey since 1992. We are predicated on ethical and professional business practices and quickly developed into a generalist firm, serving a diverse set of corporate clients and customers ranging from multi-nationals to local and regional firms. Our top executive recruiting firms believe that our services should act as an extension of the client company's style, philosophy and attitude. Learn more about the benefits of Ashley Mackenzie below.

The Benefits of Choosing Ashley Mackenzie

Finding new managers can tedious and problematic. A retained search results in the selection of more competent executives or managers quickly and efficiently. Our clients are able to concentrate their time where it is critical, on their job and other responsibilities, and allow us to focus on the potential employee selections. Our work dwindles the client base from potential hundreds to a small group of highly qualified individuals.
The cost of the services provided by Ashley Mackenzie's staffing firm is known in advance. Our services are very cost effective when measured against the increases in human and financial performance that result from a mutually beneficial match between the requirements of a specific workspace and the capabilities of the best candidate.
At times companies can have a reluctance to broadcast strategic changes within your company to your industry as a whole, and oftentimes candidates are reluctant to compromise their current successful careers in order to further develop the company. That is why our executive search firm provides the option for your company's opportunity to be presented discretely and effectively. We understand that confidentiality is key in a growing and developing society and will gladly assist in these circumstances.

Our staffing firm has the capability to identify and contact the broadest population of potential candidates to provide a thorough search for potential employees. Internal and external candidates can be evaluated impartially as a part of the thorough campaign for the best possible candidates.
Ashley Mackenzie is our client’s representative in the marketplace. We strive to accurately present the essential character and challenges of your organization throughout the executive recruiting process. All assignments, initiated on our client’s behalf, are done in a competent and professional manner to provide the best professional and executive recruitment possible.

Ashley Mackenzie knows that searching through potential candidates can be tedious and difficult, that is why we have perfected our retained search to a level of excellence. For more information on our services, contact us.

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