Thursday, August 11, 2011

CEO Replacement Through Executive Recruiting Firms

In the wake of the baby boomer retirements, many companies find themselves with vacant CEO positions. While many CEOs seem to hold on to their positions for as long as possible, eventually we must all move on. The company's future and direction are on the line in the CEO's absence, and it generally becomes necessary to hire or recruit a replacement. That is where executive recruiting firms come into play. 

Executive recruiting firms, like Ashley Mackenzie, provide recruiting services for all positions within a company but especially those that require specific training and experience. Executive recruiting firms provide effective, selective and accurate search services that diminish the hundreds of applicants for a specific position. 

Without executive recruiting firms, employers can spend days and even weeks looking for qualified applicants before the interview process even begins. By allowing an executive recruiting firm the ability to provide executive recruiting services for you, you are allowing a company that knows the business and market well, and who is networked within various industries to search for qualified candidates and field problems throughout the interview process—relocation issues, counter-offers and more. 

If your company is searching for a new CEO due to retirement or medical illnesses, consider choosing an executive recruiting firm and remove the hassle from the hiring process. Choose Ashley Mackenzie and begin to see the difference that an experienced, professional and effective executive recruiting firm can have within your company.

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