Thursday, May 10, 2012

Executive Recruiting Helps Companies Avoid Lost Time and Money

It can be a costly and time consuming process to search for a professional candidate to fill a middle or senior level position. The countless interviews and never-ending paperwork can make the entire process seem like an unfulfilling task. Fortunately, there are executive recruiting services willing to locate and procure the perfect candidate for any open position.

The right recruitment service will become a partner in the search for the right candidate. An executive recruiting service seeks out and screens possible candidates so that your organization can focus on success and stop wasting valuable resources on an employee search. The company will ensure all prospective employees meet your requirements and represent the values and mission of your company. The process will reduce stress for your staff by utilizing time-tested recruitment procedures, as well.

Every organization demands unique qualities in each candidate and an executive recruitment service will develop a plan to match potential employees to those specific company requirements. Once certain candidates have been selected, the service then screens out prospects undesirable to the organization's mission and goals. An interviewing process follows and only exceptional candidates are forwarded to your organization for further interviewing and acceptance. Once the employment position is filled, recruitment services follow up to ensure the success of the chosen candidate.

The use of a quality executive recruitment service cannot be understated. These valuable resources save companies thousands of dollars in lost time and failed training of unsuccessful candidates. The cost of recruitment services are affordable and well worth the investment, as every business owner is aware of the cost to replace unsuccessful new employees. The use of an executive recruitment service is necessary in today's global marketplace and companies not taking advantage of these services are not operating with true efficiency.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Executive Search Firm Can Pinpoint the Right Candidate

An executive search firm is often utilized in headhunting qualified candidates for executive positions within many financial and professional business organizations. Executive recruitment agencies, as these firms may also be known, can save significant amounts of money and time for companies that need to conduct background checks for qualified executives.

Advertising an executive level position is often costly and the target market small and diffuse; many qualified applicants may not even see print or media advertising, causing a very poor expense to return ratio. By utilizing a search firm that is pro-active about contacting qualified candidates, few advertising funds are used. Many head hunting agencies have "their ears to the ground" and may be aware of potential job seekers that do not actively seek out openings, such as executives whose pay packages are insufficient relative to their experience or companies that may be dismissing executives or laying off whole departments. These situations often allow search firms to have insider information that is helpful in the negotiation of a salary and benefits package.

Many executives inflate their education and experience, but by using a qualified executive search firm, a company can rest assured that the qualifications of an applicant are vetted for accuracy. Only candidates that are truly qualified for the position are referred, preventing a human resources manager from having to wade through applications of middle management and others that do not meet the requirements.

Search firms can also take the time to reach potential candidates, even the hard-to-pin-down ones, allowing a human resources manager to not waste time trying to reach a busy executive through e-mail or phone. They can also delegate basic contacts to someone who is able to keep track of applicants' best contact times and methods to ensure smooth person to person transactions.

Executive search firms find the best candidates with the lowest costs and frustration. With the help of a professional and thorough firm, any company can find executives that share their attitudes, goals, and work-ethic, without the accompanying headaches and revenue loss.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Make Your Hiring Process Easier

The hiring process is like dating. It can often be long, difficult, and frustrating search trying to find the right person. You need someone who meets all your qualifications, is looking to stick around long-term and has the same goals in mind as you. You can also compare our company to a real estate agent- we do all the work for you and you pick and choose which ones you want to meet.

With hundreds of applicants per job posting in this economy, it can be difficult to narrow down the list to qualified candidates. Even then, how can you be sure you are choosing the right person for your company? There are executive recruiting firm in New Jersey that can help your company find the perfect employee.

We specialize in middle and senior level search assignments and have the tools and means to recognize the rising stars in today's industry. Our goal is to bring them to your company. We strive to find a perfect match between employee and employer and provide the top, qualified and interested potential employees for your company as efficiently as possible.

It can sometimes take months to find the right candidate and we are here to do most of the work for you so you can concentrate on what's most important: your business. Using an executive recruiting firm in New Jersey will save you time, money, and all the frustration that comes from looking for a new employee. Let us do the work for you and aid in finding "the one"!

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