Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Benefits of a Quality Staffing Firm

Finding the perfect employee for your company can be a time-consuming and expensive ordeal. To build a team that will rival your competition, you should use a staffing firm with a proven record of consistent and predictable results. A staffing firm offers its clients a network of vast resources to find a qualified candidate to suit a job opening, making the hiring process easier than ever.

A staffing firm like Ashley Mackenzie works with the person in charge of hiring to minimize the amount of time a business spends searching, interviewing, and making the final selection for their company. The consultant in a staffing firm has developed a personal network of contacts so they can access the best quality candidates a company would not otherwise meet.

When you hire us as your staffing firm, we begin our search for the ideal candidate by defining the assignment. We research a client's company, the industry, and competition to develop a better knowledge of the client's needs. Then, we develop a search plan to meet a client's unique needs.

After an agreed upon plan of action has been reached, the recruitment process begins. The consultant assigned to work with your company will meet with and interview the prospects in a confidential manner until they have developed a background profile to use in the future. After they collect a certain number of profiles, they begin the screening process.

The consultant then sends you a report outlining the best possible candidates for an arranged meeting. If the interview is successful, they will negotiate a compensation package and work through any other details until the deal is finalized.

A staffing firm like Ashley Mackenzie can a highly competent candidate faster than most companies can do on their own. Our searches are thorough and confidential, so your competition does not become aware of possible changes in your corporation's structure, and we pledge to get you the right person for the job. If you're looking to fill an opening, contact us today.