Friday, January 11, 2013

Ashley MacKenzie: Top Executive Search Firm

At Ashley MacKenzie, we strive to make the connection between candidates for executive positions and a company's expectations on every level.

Our search firm knows selecting key executives is an important aspect in the success or failure of a company's infrastructure. A vacancy can disrupt projects, workflow, and decision making. In a small or medium business, there may not even be a human resources department to handle finding a new candidate, which can lead to current employees squandering their valuable time in order to search when they should be focusing their efforts on the business.

An executive search firm's responsibility is to alleviate that burden. Ashley Mack has the staff and experience to find promising candidates in the shortest time possible. We'll analyze your business to discover your unique needs and then find candidates that are the best fit for the position described in terms of desired experience, educational background and much more. Our staff will utilize the data to develop an evaluation procedure to assess candidates thoroughly for competence, professional service, quality of work and proven executive credentials.

Ashley Mack has innovative recruiting solutions and yields consistent, satisfying results. Over 90 percent of our clients have returned for new search assignments and our well-documented, organized approach is fast spreading by word of mouth. On the other end of the spectrum, our reputation for pairing the best candidates with the best opportunities attracts high-end talent.

A good executive search firm should familiarize itself with a company's style, attitude and philosophy, as that is the only way to effectively recruit prime applicants. Having successfully completed over 3,000 assignments, Ashley Mack can confidently claim that its professional searches are effective in matching the goals of clients with new management.

Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Ashley Mack was founded in 1992. Our mission has been and still is to provide competent and dependable contingency and retained search services whose practices would be predicated on ethical and transparent methods. Over 20 years, we've built and served a diverse list of corporate clientele that spans many industries. We strip away the fat involved in reviewing resumes, cover letters, and employment histories, ensuring that when you sit across from our referrals, you'll be comfortable knowing that they are the best of the best.

Contact Ashley Mack today to start locating the most versatile candidates to fill any and all important business positions.