Friday, March 15, 2013

How Top Executive Recruiting Firms like Ashley Mackenzie Source the Best Candidates

Top executive recruiting firms like ours constantly amaze professional clients with the quality of candidates we find for tough job positions. Unlike other recruiting firms or generic job-posting websites, we specifically target executive positions and those few qualified individuals who can fill them. This sets us apart from other human resources managers who actually limit your recruitment potential.

By maintaining a multi-industry pool of candidates who have proven their value in real-life executive positions, we avoid much of the trial and error many firms experience when searching for board members, presidents, and other executives. Our work has a good reputation among firms with positions to fill, but our favorable reputation is also shared by the executive candidates themselves.

Maintaining a high level of quality in terms of the candidates we work with as well as the firms we assist has ensured that people know we're all about forming professional, long-lasting business relationships. Because we specialize in filling top-level positions, we tend to attract a more serious breed of career-minded professional.

Another major factor in our ability to provide better candidates than other top executive recruiting firms is that we're willing to do advanced research. No matter how long it takes or how specialized we have to be in terms of evaluating potential executives, we devise custom standards-based assessments that can easily be applied to larger groups of candidates and geographic regions than other recruitment firms can handle.

Our devotion to candidate research enables us to extend our talent pool so that our clients never have to settle for a bare minimum level of competency. Instead, they gain new executive staff members who can go above and beyond to tackle the toughest problems. Best of all, our clients don't have to devote massive amounts of time or financial resources to the hiring process, yet they can still acquire the best possible executives.



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