Thursday, May 16, 2013

Having Trouble Finding the Right Executive? A Professional Search Firm Can Help!

When your company needs a dependable executive to fill an open position, your best bet is to go with a search firm.  Sure, job listing sites like Monster, Career Builder and Simply Hired are useful, but often impractical for hiring high-management personnel.

Executive job-seekers, cognizant of the benefits of direct communication, often rely on the ability of a search firm to communicate their unique abilities to employers like you.  Job-seekers know there's a grand difference between firms and listing sites and tend to go with the former.  Quite simply, search firms offer a personal touch whereas listing sites do not.

How a Search Firm Works

Take our executive search firm, Ashley Mackenzie, for instance.  To find the best high-level candidates, we start by narrowing down our pool of resources.  For instance, if you're a marketing company looking for an account executive, we search for candidates who have both marketing and account management experience.  Instead of hiring a candidate who exercises one of those skillsets effectively, you get two – the two needed for an incredible account exec for your marketing company.

After pulling our resources together to acquire the best candidate, we put you in touch with them.  The great thing about an executive search firm is that, usually, the candidate is a guaranteed winner.  This is because the firm spends time investigating the candidate – asking them questions, studying their background, putting them in challenging scenarios, etc.  All this allows the firm to make the best decision on which executive to send your way.

Spend Less Time Finding Who You Need

If you're working with a reputable executive search firm like Ashley Mackenzie, you're likely to fill your open position faster.  Also, the candidate you end up hiring is more likely to stay onboard for a longer term.

At Ashley Mackenzie, our hiring services promote long-term solutions for hiring needs.  By focusing on the future of your company, as well as your present needs, we're able to provide you with exceptional, long-term hiring solutions.  If your company has the need for a top-level employee, email us or call 856.424.9100 today.



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