Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Makes Ashley Mackenzie the Best Choice for My Company's Executive Recruiting Needs?

At Ashley Mackenzie, we know that choosing the best company for your executive recruiting needs can be a stressful ordeal and that choosing the wrong firm or obtaining unqualified employees can be detrimental to the business flow of your company. That's why we've tested and tweaked our methodology to provide the best retained search process available for you and your future employees.

Our Methodology Process
We apply our refined search methodology to each search to satisfy our goal of yielding positive and timely results.

1.      DEFINITION OF ASSIGNMENT. We research our client company, their industry, markets and competition to sharpen our knowledge. 
2.      SEARCH PLAN AND RESEARCH. A search plan is developed and tailored to the unique needs of the client situation.

3.      CANDIDATE RECRUITMENT. Confidential, direct approaches are made on a personal basis to prospective candidates.
4.      STATUS REVIEW. Three to six weeks from the beginning of our search for your company, a meeting is set to review interim candidates, accumulated research, and to present our observations and obtain approval to screen the leading candidates.
5.      CANDIDATE EVALUATION - SCREENING. We conduct interviews with leading prospects and document their personal accomplishments, style, background, and motivations.
6.      CLIENT INTERVIEW. We brief and debrief candidates and client management, arrange logistics of travel and an introduction to the client’s area.
7.      OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE. Written reference and degree checks are submitted on the finalist candidate(s). We serve as the intermediary to work out any and all details which have a bearing on an acceptance of the offer by the chosen candidate.
8.      ACCULTURATION. We monitor the progress of assimilation by frequently communicating with both the hiring manger and the new employee to anticipate and avert potential problems of adjustment.

We stand strongly behind our methodology at Ashley Mackenzie and believe that we are the top executive recruiting firm in New York and New Jersey. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our targeted recruitment search, visit us at

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Who We Are at

Excellent Executive Recruiting is What AshleyMack Has to Offer You
At Ashley Mackenzie, our goal is to provide you with optimal executive recruiting services from our top executive recruiting firms in New York and New Jersey with a specialization  in middle and senior level targeted recruitment searches. Our top executive recruiting firm is located in Cherry Hill, NJ and was founded in 1992 to provide contingency and retained search services, predicated on ethical and professional business practices, and serving a diverse list of corporate customers.  Since our beginning in 1992, Ashley Mackenzie has quickly evolved into a generalist firm, which now serves a diverse set of corporate clients. 

Through our NY and NJ executive recruiting firms, we have built our reputation for identifying the rising stars of today's marketplace through our unique methodology and simplifying the hiring process for you. The approach of our executive recruiting firm is to partner with each and every one of our clients and provide the top, qualified and interested potential employees for your company as efficiently as possible. If you are looking for executive recruiting firms in New Jersey or across the United States, consider Ashley Mackenzie for all of your staffing needs.

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