Monday, December 12, 2011

New Years is Around the Corner

The Holiday Season is upon us and we have many things to think about as we near the end of the year.  New Year’s brings us new and exciting ventures of life; new openings and closings of old chapters.  Maybe a new job is in your future, or you aren’t happy where you work now, and executive recruiting firms are here to help you uncover your future career.  There are many jobs that are readily available for the experienced executive.  Here are some ideas, hints and strategies you should keep in mind for this Holiday Season-
  • ·         Update your resume.  This will be first thing you send out to a possible employer.  Make sure this information is correct and also contains your accomplishments that are important to this position. 
  • ·         Many people forget how important writing is, with this in mind you should create a cover letter explaining how you can be an integral part of the team and what skills you bring to the job.
  • ·         When attending a Holiday Party keep your ears low to the ground for talk from co-workers about their client’s expanding businesses, or openings in any companies.  They may also know of executive recruiting firms that have worked with your company or others in the past.  Use caution when finding out information, especially if you’re attending your our company’s party. 
  • ·         Ask friends and family if they have heard or seen opening for what you are searching for.
  • ·         Widen your search parameters.  Many people look in one industry because that’s what they have been working in for years and it’s easy.  Learning new things comes quickly to some people and a slight change in industry doesn’t mean you have no idea what to do.  Do not be scared of change, but embrace the opportunity.
The use of executive recruiting firms and database websites that work primarily in executive positions are common mediums of job searching.  Put yourself out there and you will see the pay off with a new job come New Years.    

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